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Test Post Front Page 1 - Just a quick sentence to see how much text will get pulled through when I use a shortcode on the home page. Sorry subscribers (if I have any) this may get slightly annoying for you, I apologise in advance.
Test Number 2 - Something that shows off how cool I can make the front page look, but without currently having anything specific to say. Also, stupidly testing this on my only blog that gets visitors instead of my test blog because I’m too cheap to purchase the custom design upgrade for both.
Another Fancy Headline - I am fully dedicated to spouting business jargon on the front page of my CSS site in order to grow the potential key journeys and leverage the colossal amount of bullshit nonsense that people will gladly read and feel clever about partly understanding. Me? Cynical? Surely, not.
Something something 3 something - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi ut dui felis. Nulla facilisi. Sed efficitur velit fermentum placerat tincidunt. Proin hendrerit bibendum tristique. In vestibulum augue dolor.
You speak Latin? - Vestibulum molestie felis enim, vitae lobortis mauris posuere ac. Mauris varius et est nec efficitur. Nam aliquet purus sed lacinia vulputate. Fusce venenatis id diam in maximus. Aliquam erat volutpat. Nullam facilisis tempor turpis, in consectetur turpis consequat quis.
Final one for now - Phasellus lacus nisl, malesuada id est nec, pretium volutpat velit. Nulla convallis, quam et ullamcorper blandit, arcu libero euismod felis, eu consectetur arcu libero sit amet nulla.

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Custom Footer Update February 16, 2011 - I’ve been in contact with the WordPress.com support team and thought I should bring it to everyone’s attention here: to follow the WordPress.com Terms of Service you need to make sure that when you modify your footer content you keep the attribution links intact. To do this you need to include one link to the […]
Custom Footer: Ocean Mist January 26, 2011 - HTML for the text widget: <div id="newfooter">TEXT_HERE</div> CSS for the stylesheet editor: #footer p {visibility:hidden;} #page {position:relative;} #newfooter {position:absolute; bottom:44px; left:0; color:#798892; text-align:center; width:100%; padding:0;} #newfooter a {color:#b05255;} #newfooter a:hover {background-color:#bfd3e0;}
Custom Footer: Twenty Ten January 26, 2011 - Here's how to set up a custom footer using the Twenty Ten theme. Use the HTML code in a text widget and include the CSS if you have the custom design upgrade.
Custom Footer: Coraline January 26, 2011 - HTML for the text widget: <div id="newfooter">TEXT_HERE</div> CSS for the stylesheet editor: #colophon {display:none;} #footer {overflow:hidden;} #container {position:relative;} #newfooter {position:absolute; bottom:-5em; left:0; text-align:center; width:100%; border-top:1px solid #ccc; color:#888; font-style:italic; line-height:1.333em; padding-top:1.6em; padding-bottom:2.3em;} #newfooter a {color:#888; text-decoration:none;} #newfooter a:hover {color:#df0000;}
Custom Footer: ChaoticSoul January 26, 2011 - HTML for the text widget: <div id="newfooter">TEXT_HERE</div> CSS for the stylesheet editor: #footer {display:none;} #page {position:relative;} #newfooter {position:absolute; bottom:-70px; left:0; padding-bottom:25px; font-family:Georgia,'Times New Roman',serif;}
Custom Footer: MistyLook January 26, 2011 - This theme has one restriction: you have to display some text widget content in the regular sidebar. Due to the way the theme is designed there is no way to avoid this. The easiest thing to add is a short biography or a copyright notice. HTML for the text widget: TEXT_WIDGET_CONTENT <div id="newfooter"> <p>LEFT_TEXT_HERE</p> <p>RIGHT_TEXT_HERE</p> […]

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